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Supertag was created in July 2019 in order to supply a range of fit for purpose taglines for the heavy lifting industry.  We currently supply many of the U.K's top 50 Tier 1 construction companies and our products are in use on many high profile London based projects.


Supertag professional taglines are made with low-soak, low-stretch, double braided polyamide rope and finished with marine grade stainless steel components.  We offer day-glo orange and reflective orange rope types, and we have recently added a new product to the range called Supertag Blue Ocean with our blue ocean tagline is  made from recycled plastic bottles retrieved from the world's polluted oceans.

The Benefits

Many inferior tagline manufacturers stitch the rope around the connector but Supertag prefer to use a far safer and more durable process which uses a tough metal ferrule which is presses the rope around the connector with over 2000kg of force.


Supertag is also the first tagline manufacturer to create a modular extension system called "ExtendaTag" this product enables the slinger/ rigger to add extra lengths to an original lead length  of tagline when a longer tagline is temporarily required.

Finally Supertag UK were please to announce as 2020 comes to a close, a fantastic addition to the professional tagline range the ever so affordable MicroTag tagline, to reduce unit cost the self locking snap hooks have been replaced with a SS316 marine grade stainless self locking Karabiner enabling the customer to experience the safety benefits of a professional heavy lifting tagline for under £40.00!


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